Discover how to rise after a setback with property portfolio strategist, Christine Williams
Suddenly Single 7 Smarter Steps to Design the Life You Want and Discover the Key to Safe Investing Christine Williams

When you're newly separated and life's upside down, it's hard to imagine how you'll ever start again. On top of the emotional turmoil as your relationship splinters apart, you're faced with many difficult decisions. The first casualty is usually the roof over your head, which can be a bitter pill to swallow...

It's a situation all too familiar for Smarter Property Investing portfolio strategist Christine Williams, who found herself Suddenly Single in her 30s. Rather than uproot her children from their schools - and get another job elsewhere - Christine took what was then a novel approach in 1980s Melbourne. She became a 'rentvestor' - renting where she'd been living (and couldn't afford to buy), and investing her money elsewhere.

Christine has turned the wisdom of her 30 years' of property investing experience into a must-read guide, Suddenly Single: 7 Smarter Steps to Design the Life You Want and Discover the Key to Safe Investing. Combined with her credentials as a Property Investment Association of Australia advisor, accounting, mortgage broking and real estate qualifications, there's nothing Christine doesn't know about creating strong, diversified Australian property portfolios.

Suddenly Single is THE book you need to get you back on your feet again following separation or divorce.

* Discover your 'why' - how to narrow down your specific financial goals and create the required strategies for success 

* Learn how to rebuild your wealth and survive and catch up on your shortfall post-divorce, no matter what time you have available

* The case for 'rentvesting' - living where you need to for education and work, while you invest somewhere you can afford

* Risk mitigation - discovering the key to safe investing through Christine's ICE strategy

* The indicators that show you what and where to buy in Australia

And much, much more!

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Suddenly Single: 7 Smarter Steps to Design the Life You Want and Discover the Key to Safe Investing
Smarter Property Investing principal Christine Williams helps Australian wealth creators to build prosperity through residential real estate portfolios.
A highly successful Property Portfolio Specialist, Christine holds in-demand seminars throughout Melbourne and appears regularly on the Bendigo Bank list of inhouse speakers.
As one of a handful to hold Property Investment Association of Australia (PIAA) accreditation, Christine joins the industry elite. She is a licensed real estate agent (Victoria, NSW and QLD) with accounting and mortgage broking qualifications.

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