Create Wealth Through Property in conjunction with Bendigo Bank
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Join Smarter Property Investing principal Christine Williams to hear how she's used 7 Smarter Steps to Success to create a wealth-building nationwide real estate portfolio. Christine bought her first residential property aged 18 and the success of that first venture drives her business strategies today.

From that first residential investment property to the fifth in a growing portfolio, Smarter Property Investing works with clients throughout Australia and overseas to develop and implement their wealth creation goals. 

Learn the essential elements to Create Wealth through Property: 

• Preparation to invest: knowing 'why' can help solve 'how'

• Three non-cash investment deposit options

• The one calculation that will guarantee your property through lifestyle changes

• 10 key drivers that show you exactly where to buy in Australia

• The multiplier effect: boost your portfolio through the power of leverage

• Time in vs timing the market: how to make them both work for you

'We learnt more about property investing in two hours with Christine than in the previous 5 years. Christine not only has an incredible depth of knowledge, she can translate the usual industry jargon into an easy to understand, step-by-step pathway to sound property investment.'
- Dr.Nilesh and Pallavi Shah

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